IoTSWC. Barcelona, the world capital of IoT solutions

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During the last three days the Spanish seaside city has held the IoT Solutions World Congress 2016, an event that gathers the key players of the IoT industry. The congress has grown from 80 exhibitors in the first edition last year to 170, more than twice the amount. Companies like Accenture, Deloitte, EMC, Everis, GE, HPE, IBM, Intel, Kaspersky, Microsoft, SAP, and Telefónica, of course, are among the main exhibitors.

This second edition focuses on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The world’s three most relevant IIoT associations: the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Industrie 4.0, and the Industrial Valuechain Initiative (IV-I) are now event partners.

The Testbed Area makes this event unique

The 2016 edition has been a success thanks to high attendance levels from the opening day. Another key focus area for the event has been to showcase practical applications that improve the lives of people. Many exhibitors have stressed the importance of connecting B2B solutions that affect groups of people with B2C (Personal IoT) solutions that are geared to meet the demands of individuals at different levels. The IoTSWC is the only event to count with a dedicated Testbed area, a unique opportunity to experience the most advanced IoT solutions. 9 Testbeds have been set up to show how to solve real world situations through technology, such as smart airline baggage management, smart city management through FIWARE, or how to use fleet management as a competitive advantage (these last two use cases presented by Telefónica and partners Adevice and GEOTAB).

Telefónica displays its multidisciplinary expertise

The event’s agenda has been very rich in high level keynotes by industry leaders; 200 speakers have delivered presentations during the three days of the congress. We would wish to highlight two by Telefónica that prove the added value of having the support of an expert multidisciplinary partner, with the leverage to undertake large digital transformation projects.

José Manuel Caramés delivered a keynote explaining the transformational potential of vehicle telematics applied to fleets. Despite being one of the most veteran IoT solutions, it continues to offer space for innovation and continues to add value to businesses. Its versatility and multiple advantages makes it feasible for a growing scope of businesses. Telematics transforms vehicles into a hub of connected things, adding value to different business areas and corporate services within the organization that implements fleet management. The most experienced area of the IoT still has a few tricks up the sleeve as future BigData and Machine Learning related uses are forecasted to be rolled out and will provide even more added value to businesses proving that Fleet Management continues to grow steadily.

Bernardo Campillo delivered a conference about the future of the IoT, providing perspective as to how personal technology fits in the collective dimension of technology. He started by going over the history of disruption throughout time. It is important to find ways to connect people to things, taking into consideration that connectivity is not a purpose but a means. The IoT must find ways of extracting business intelligence from organizations and their communications in order to deliver products and services that make companies more efficient (and profitable) and improve the lives of people. Campillo also highlighted the latest trends in connectivity and technology that will have an impact on the IoT at different levels.

Telefónica awarded at the IoTSWC

The Internet of Things World Congress 2016 awarded Telefónica as the Best Healthcare Solution for its Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system at the IoT Solutions Awards Gala. Telefónica was also runner-up in Best solution for Transportation & Logistics category for its Business Transformation through Vehicle Telematics Solution, which was also showcased as one of the testbeds mentioned above.

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