5 Amazing Things made real by IoT technology, spring edition

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Spring has arrived. The fine weather invites you to head outside, leave the quiet indoor life behind and enjoy the great outdoors. And why not take your gadgets along with you.? Thanks to the wonders of connectivity, something possible only in the era of the Internet of Things, you can enjoy all kinds of advantages in springtime activities. Of course, we're talking about some of the most surprising gadgets and wearables for this time of year.

Connected plants, smart gardens

Agriculture has always been something a focal point for the IoT. Indeed, connectivity is seen as the perfect solution to keep the optimal environmental conditions for crops, so bringing these solutions to your own gardens was only a matter of time. Thanks to devices like Edyn, you can perfectly control the condition and parameters of your flowers. A sensor placed in the plant soil measures the relative humidity, soil dryness, lighting and amount of organic matter and mineral salts in the substrate, showing an accurate, real-time crop profile. Connected to a tracking application, you can receive immediate warnings and alerts of the state of your garden to avoid both overwatering and over-fertilising. With this application, you can monitor your plants, including fruits, vegetables and flowers. As if this were not enough, the company also has a system of automatic irrigation valves that act automatically following set parameters, in short, everything needed to be connected to your garden at all times and care for it without wasting any time or effort.

Safe pets

Spring is a particularly good time to go out and enjoy nature with your pets. The IoT also has something to offer them, too. Whistle is a company that creates tracking devices. Do you want to learn about your pet's daily activity? Whistle allows you to monitor it. Do you need to know where they’ve been? Or prevent them from going near an area that you know is dangerous? This gadget’s alerts will control the location of your pet in real time more effectively. And, of course, this device’s greatest achievement is that you can find your pet by GPS instantly if they escape or are lost.

Quality of life for your dog

Thanks to devices like Dogsens, you can ensure the well-being of your best friend. This device is a sensor that measures their activity from their collar, transmitting your pet’s state to an app on your mobile in real time. Dogsens not only monitors but also evaluates daily recommendations for movement, health and food according to your pet’s condition. Thanks to Dogsens and the IoT, you can care for them constantly and be sure that your dog is as happy and healthy as possible. Furthermore, the application also includes additional information prepared by veterinarians and journalists to help you discover new and interesting facts about your "best friend".

Go to the mountains more efficiently

Another favourite activity this time of year is hiking and other popular outdoor activities like bicycling, camping and climbing. Whenever you go outdoors, you can carry with you all the benefits of your devices and stay connected at all times with all its advantages. Thanks to devices such as the Garmin Forerunner 220, you can get a clear picture of your physical activity, GPS control of your movements and almost perfect monitoring of your overall athletic profile. This works especially for hiking and other outdoor activities, where Garmin connectivity stands out over other wearables that are intended for a more urban setting. In addition, thanks to the ecosystem developed by the company, you can receive advice and statistics in real time to help you become more efficient, no matter what kind of exercise you’re doing, or to generate feedback from your friends and followers, as well as tracking your own collection of personal milestones so that you will be encouraged to constantly improve your performance.

Complete control of your garden

There are numerous measures to control the parameters and status of your garden, but how can you control them all in a single glance? GreenIQ is the right device. This hub allows you to connect various intelligent garden devices to design a more efficient irrigation and lighting plan. If used properly, GreenIQ promises visible and quantifiable water savings. In fact, it offers measures to make calculations in water and energy savings. In addition to being able to connect to other devices, the company itself offers its official meters that allow you to keep exact records of all types of actions and parameters such as irrigation, time control and substrate moisture. With this device, you can design bigger, smarter and much more efficient gardens. And all thanks to the greater connectivity offered by the Internet of Things.



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