5 Amazing Things made reality by IoT technology. Summer 2017 Edition

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We really start to feel the heat as we reach the height of summer. And as the temperature rises, we can enjoy the longer days and spend more time resting. Objects connected to the Internet of Things can help us to enjoy this time. Here are some of the weird and wonderful gadgets we have found to make the most of the summer.

Kuvée, the success of connected wine

Wine lovers know that whena bottle of wine is opened, it has to be consumed as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming too oxygenated or, worse still, going off. But are we going to ruin an entire bottle for a single glass? Or do we deny ourselves the pleasure and wait for a better moment? With Kuvée this will not be a problem. It works by placing the bottle into Kuvée, a device that seals and maintains optimum wine conditions, preserving the quality of the wine. But why connect it to IoT? Very simple: thanks to Kuvée we can appreciate wine, share it or even discover new varieties according to our tastes in real time. This allows you to get the most out of your information networks on how to rate your favourite beverages. The service is growing and has great potential as it integrates smart bottle wine distribution and the social network of wine lovers to maximize the experience. All thanks to IoT.

Control your hydration with a smart bottle

The amount of water we drink daily is important (very important) to our health. Especially with the arrival of the heat or if we enjoy outdoor activities. Sudden peaks in temperature normally catch us unawares, and when playing sports it is vital to stay alert in case a problem arises. And what better way to keep an exact control of our hydration than a smart gadget? Hydrate Sparks is a smart water bottle that, along with its application, allows us to control the amount of liquid we consume and, therefore, the amount of water in the blood. Not only are we able to measure this, the bottle also tells us when to drink water to maintain a healthy level of hydration. In addition, this information is synchronized with other gadgets and fitness applications, helping us to gain optimal control over our health.

Meat cooked to perfection, thanks to IoT

An IoT connected barbecue, who would have thought it? If you are a meat lover, you now have no excuse not to achieve the perfect serve. iGrill is a set of thermometers specially designed to check the meat on the barbecue. So far that is nothing new. However, the smart feature of iGrill is that it sends an alert to your phone when the meat is cooked perfectly. In addition to monitoring the meat, the app also provides tips on how to improve the barbecue experience and offers various accessories to make cooking easier and tastier, taking the Internet of Things beyond what we could ever have imagined.

Cutting-edge parasols

Sunflower, by ShadeCraft, is a smart parasol. Taking this kind of furniture to a whole new level of ‘smart’. The device adjusts automatically according to the position and intensity of the sun, is automatically recharged by sunlight and connects to the Internet to offer other services. Services such as recording images, voice prompts, automatic lighting control... the Sunflower’s capabilities harness the full capacity of the parasol, turning an inanimate object into a perfect example of what the Internet of Things can do to our everyday objects.

Perfect swimming pools and without red eyes

Proper pool monitoring can make for pleasant evenings and be less painful on the wallet. In summer, chlorine and other products are often used too generously or too sparingly. But thanks to pHin this will no longer be the case. Firstly, the detectors provide real time monitoring of the concentration of chemicals in the water. If there is a problem, it warns us to take measures and even allows us to adjust the concentration with preloaded, ready-to-use substances. Whatsmore, thanks to IoT we can consult specialists and request their services if, for whatever reason, the state of our pool has gotten out of control. So, as we can see, the Internet of Things offers a whole host of possibilities making our lives easier and leaving us free to enjoy the summer to the max.


Telefónica IoT Team