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With the rise of summer and in the midst of one of the hottest months of the year, a month of relaxation, now is a good time to revisit some of the most interesting and representative voices on the IoT scene. We have compiled these voices throughout 2017 in the Telefónica IoT Blog. From market trends to the security of the Internet of Things, this compilation encompasses a recent sample of the people who are the visible face of this sector.

A few months ago we spoke with Chuck Martin, author, former vice president at IBM and expert on the trend that is dominating IoT. This engineer did not hesitate to continue predicting the future of the IoT, something in which he has experience because back in 1998 he wrote about an early version of the Internet of Things in Net Future. Now, almost twenty years later, he views the future as a complete evolution in which the two aspects, the more technical and the more personal, undergo an in-depth revolution grounded in digitisation. As a result, the expert explained, the industry will be able to proactively predict needs before they even appear, something we are already beginning to see.

From digitisation, but also from business, Sandra Fernandez Curias, Strategy Manager and Telefonica's new business expert, explained the relationship between the enabling technological ecosystem and the digital transformation of business. The quest for mass adoption is one of the leading factors in the future of the IoT, according to Fernandez Curias, and platforms are a key piece. Big Data and Big Data Analytics are other trends in the development of the sector, as well as a challenge to overcome in order to achieve the goals set.

Big Data is one of the issues we also discussed with Ronal van Loon. This expert works with Big Data and its use applied to the IoT. His experience has helped hundreds of companies generate valuable information. With him, we were able to discuss the role that Big Data plays within the entire ecosystem, further exploring its importance and the way it will shape the way of we analyse and work with the data, making the information invaluable.  

We also spoke María Marín Lanza, M2M Product Manager at Telefónica, on data management and the optimisation of processes in order to make it profitable. She explained how GeoGestión operates; GeoGestión is a solution to manage manual processes to save companies resources and time. Among many other things, GeoGestión offers support to help digitise the company in question by improving its organisation, increasing its returns or upgrading its security.

Ray R. Wang also discussed digitisation, revealing the keys to digital disruption. This author and expert provided a detailed picture of how the shift in the business model is intrinsically linked to technological change. From his standpoint, this is setting the pace of companies’ evolution, as they are evolving apace with the IoT. Context, needs, use cases and more will all subtly but inevitably be defined by the Internet of Things.


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