5 IoT solutions against robbery

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Our most precious assets are the ones we guard the most zealously. Thieves can be found in the least expected places, and it is wise to take special care to protect our belongings, our businesses, our vehicles... Luckily, the IoT is here to help us protect our things.

Smart mobility, our vehicles’ insurance

Vehicles are one of thieves’ prized targets, especially some kinds like motorcycles, which are a favourite target because it is so easy to dispose of the spare parts in the market. In countries like Peru, theft of two-wheeled vehicles is a serious problem. Thanks to initiatives like Telefónica's and Honda's Parking Movistar, motorcycles are better protected not only against robbery but also against other possible mishaps such as falls, traffic and distress calls. This solution is available not only for motorcycles, because of the large number of thefts, but also for two-wheeled vehicles, where they reach their peak. Thanks to a constant connection, we can immediately find out the status and location of our vehicle and whether there has been an incident.

Protecting our offices

Robbery in the workplace is a global problem that causes billions of dollars in losses. From small electronic devices to complete sets of equipment, tools or consumables, the problem is worse than expected. Therefore, some companies and start-ups have developed low-consumption applications that are largely capable of controlling this problem. Thanks to Bluetooth LE, applications such as those developed by Crowdloc allow you to control the location of your equipment and warns if it is moved from its stipulated range. Thanks to the new technologies, these Bluetooth emitters are tiny and show acceptable consumption for their function. All the information transmitted by these devices is transformed into useful control measures thanks to the IoT and the connectivity it provides.

A safer retail sector

Just as in the office, the retail sector suffers from millions of dollars in losses from the theft of goods and devices associated with the business. But measures similar to those used in other work environments can save a lot of money. From continuous monitoring with cheaper and more convenient surveillance systems to controlling goods through RFID or Bluetooth LE, keeping watch over what happens within a company is more efficient than ever thanks to the Internet of Things. And we’re not just talking about theft: a company’s administrators can get an enormous amount of information from these measures and diverse applications, including the status of the merchandise, client preferences, the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and proper product arrangement.

More accurate logistics

Amidst the millions of tonnes of goods transported, it is very easy for part of the merchandise to get lost. It can deteriorate or, even worse, be stolen with relative ease. And when we talk about entire containers, matters are much trickier. But for large-scale transports, there are several solutions that involve the IoT in its different manifestations: from controlling the doors of the containers to load sensors, GPS locators and a range of status sensors. Thanks to these sensors, companies can control the status of the transport and its merchandise from anywhere in the world. In some cases, you can even execute actions like blocking access to a container or changing any of its parameters from the base. Even though the goods are crossing the ocean thousands of kilometres away, everything to maintain real-time control of the cargo status is possible thanks to the IoT.

Robbery-proof home

Thefts at home worry everyone. Keeping a safe home at all times is a priority in our growing society. Once again, the Internet of Things is there to help us in this task. The current smart home has monitoring systems, real-time alarms and even predictive anti-theft systems that allow for early prevention. Automatic connection to the police or emergency services reduces reaction times and increases household safety. So, as you can see, despite thieves’ efforts to try to take what is not theirs, the IoT is here to maximise the tools that build a safer and more secure world.


Telefónica IoT Team