IoT Trends for 2016. Everything connected everywhere

22 Dec 2015 Published by Vicente Muñoz Boza

More than 500 million devices will be added to the expanding IoT during 2016, an outstanding 39% growth regarding 2015. To understand how the Internet of Things will absorb such an acute increase it is important to distinguish five separate tech hubs where the Internet of Things takes place: Cities, Vehicles, Homes, Retail Spaces and Personal Technology. Each setting adopts a different strategy to undertake new connected devices.Read more

IoT Trends 2016 (II): IoT Startups. The search for viable innovation

21 Dec 2015 Published by Ana Segurado Escudero

IoT Trends 2016 (II). There are no longer any doubts about the true potential of the IoT, but there are still some unanswered questions regarding several issues, that even IoT Startups need to solve to become successful Read more

2015, the year of awareness for LPWA

18 Dec 2015 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

With analysts expecting three billion m2m connections to be travelling through LPWA by 2023, outstripping cellular connections, 2015 has most definitely been the year when low power wide area networks have come of age, or at least when awareness of new technological revolution has become widespread.Read more

IoT Trends 2016 (I): Mobile IoT Initiative to accelerate growth of the Internet of Things

11 Dec 2015 Published by GSMA

IoT Trends 2016 (I). We have asked experts from leading companies in different areas of the IoT to give us their view on a certain aspect of the Internet of Things within their field of expertise. Thus, in this series you will be able to read relevant content about how the IoT is revolutionising different aspects of our everyday life such as Connectivity, Security, Transport, Health, Utilities or Innovation among others.Read more

Top 5 posts about Smart Cities

01 Dec 2015 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

A few months back we compiled some interesting reads in key areas of interest for m2m connectivity and the IoT. The end of the year is always an excellent moment to do the same and catch up with posts to either discover them or re-read our selection. On this occasion we bring the most relevant Smart City posts to read from our archive.Read more

Star Wars predicted m2m

26 Nov 2015 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The universe of Star Wars was ahead of its time not only as feature films, but also depicting a number of new technologies that sounded like science fiction but which have come true in the world of m2m and the IoT.Read more

The Art of IoT

24 Nov 2015 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

We believe that the IoT business works like other fast-expanding markets of the past and Sun Tzu’s universal lessons can teach us where IoT came from and where it is going. We selected 5 lessons to illustrate this.Read more

Drones in Precision Farming

19 Nov 2015 Published by Alvaro Scandella

Drone technology is an outstanding improvement, unthinkable until not long ago. It is a tangible reality that allows access to relevant information positively impacting on crop performance at an affordable price for farmers that own medium size crops.Read more

10 Things Smart Cities need

17 Nov 2015 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

PWC and the IE Business School’s Center for Innovation in the Public Sector in collaboration with Telefónica, have recently published a report in Spanish called “Smart Cities. La transformación digital de las ciudades” that focuses on 10 things that every successful Smart City project needs.Read more

Safe Big Data drives the future of Connected Car

12 Nov 2015 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The future of Connected Car is implicitly driven by at least three technologies: Big Data, Cloud Computing and v2v communications. But above all it is driven by the need to create a safe tech framework that consumers can trust to improve their driving experienceRead more