January 2018

Infographic: Blockchain opportunities for the IoT

19 Jan 2018 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

5 amazing things at CES 2018

11 Jan 2018 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The largest technological show on the planet was just held in Las Vegas. Huge expectations are hanging on the ingenuity and the products and services of the big companies in the sector. So what did we see at the most recent CES 2018? Below are just five examples of the great advances that will mark a turning point in our way of seeing technology. Assistants, artificial intelligence, autonomous cars and improvements in quality are in the spotlight in a scene where the Internet of the Things was omnipresent.Read more

The 10 best blogposts of 2017

04 Jan 2018 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The year 2017 has been prolifically successful and productive. With its memory still fresh in our minds, now seems a good time to survey the best articles published during the past year. This selection includes interviews with global benchmarks in the sector, analyses of the IoT ecosystem, presentations of interesting initiatives and forecasts of the trends that will emerge in 2018.Read more