September 2018

Now the lighting is also smart

28 Sep 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Each time we surround ourselves with more interconnected accessories, systems and applications that make our lives easier. Who would have imagined a few decades ago the development of a technology capable of making the objects that surrounds us every day smarter?

IoT surprises us once again with a solution to monitor the use of light through an intelligent system. It is a new technology capable of managing lighting in the home, facilitating energy savings and offering multiple customization possibilities.

Home automation, Internet...Read more

Smart Mobility, distances connected

26 Sep 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Thanks to the rapid advances in mobility, we have realized that the systems that facilitate the transport of people and that connect different points of the city are undoubtedly the backbone that sustains the order and proper functioning of the metropolis.

The most outstanding qualities of mobility in a city have always been fluidity and sustainability, however, in recent years it has become essential that this mobility also becomes completely connected. Internet of Things gives us the opportunity to improve mobility services...Read more

The Debate about the future of the Connected Industry 4.0

25 Sep 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

The technological revolution in which we live immersed has transformed, not only our daily lives, but the activities of all sectors of society. It is not necessary to go far to discover that the digitalization and the vertiginous advance of technology have created a globalized and hyperconnected world where the distances are increasingly smaller and the barriers almost nonexistent.

One of the sectors that have evolved the most thanks to the application of technology and the Internet of Things is the Industry sector. The term...Read more

Barcelona, Singapore and Amsterdam: sustainable cities thanks to the Internet of Things

21 Sep 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Thanks to IoT technology, we can imagine cities that are increasingly sustainable and intelligent. By installing IoT devices in different parts of the city, communicating with each other and collecting data on the daily lives of citizens, it is possible to improve the day of the citizens by moving towards smarter and more sustainable cities.

Next, we will analyze some examples of sustainable cities thanks to the IoT technology:

  • Barcelona

Since 2012, Barcelona has incorporated IoT technology to improve the lives...Read more

Smart stores, the future of Retail

20 Sep 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

In the information age, the retail sector, or what is the same, the commercialization of products and services, has been forced to leave behind the mere exhibition of products to focus on the consumer and their needs.

Nowadays consumers are more informed, and it is this information that makes them more demanding. The consumer of the 21st century wants to continue buying as he always has done but with the advantages of electronic commerce. This phenomenon has led the Retail sector to implement new technologies in its physical stores so that the purchase is not only a...Read more

Firefighting drones

17 Sep 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

In recent years new types of intelligent drones have been developed that are able to act in three phases: before, during and after the fire.

One of the biggest concerns in times of high temperatures is the increased risk of fires in areas with a high density of vegetation. Galicia, Extremadura or Andalusia are communities prone to suffer these catastrophes in their large green areas with the consequent human, animal and plant losses that the fire can cause. This is why public administrations are extending the duration of prevention campaigns all year around instead...Read more

IoT helps reduce climate change

11 Sep 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

We are integrating Internet of Things in our daily lives and jobs without even realizing it. Having applied hyperconnectivity in such a natural way to our life and our work means that it also reaches other sectors, such as our companies and their business strategies. We are even focusing it further to help minimize serious problems such as climate change.

But how is this possible? The key is to look at one of its main advantages: efficiency. Efficiency not only means doing things faster and better, but also with fewer resources.

One of the main factors that are...Read more

IoT: our elders best ally

06 Sep 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

There is a widespread belief that technological advances are led by and for the new generations and that our elders are a bit "out of the game" in this area. While it is true that the new generations are leading the change, it is no less true that this change will not be fully implemented if all sectors of the population are not involved.

Demographic change is transforming our society and with that the forms of care for the elderly. We need technology that meets the needs of both the youngest and the elderly nowadays.

Older people do show interest in new technologies and this...Read more

The return to school connected

04 Sep 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Internet of Things, the new technologies or connectivity, is not a concept that applies only to companies. It is also being integrated into public services such as schools and this has repercussions on the digitization of the place itself as well as the tools of the students.

As a sample of this process of digital transformation of the classrooms in schools, institutes or universities, we highlight:

  • Broadband and WiFi connection: A computer room equipped with computers and an Internet connection was one of the first digital improvements that schools and universities
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