December 2018

IoT in Hotels

13 Dec 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

The digitization of the economy is reaching all areas of our society. One sector that is more evolved with the application of Internet of Things is tourism. More and more hotels are applying connectivity solutions to deliver better services and improve management effectiveness.

The installation of sensors connected in hotels provides a huge potential for optimizing energy efficiency. These devices allow, for example, a measure of environmental conditions and communicate them to other teams and adapt.

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The potential of IoT devices in education

11 Dec 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Paying in a store, controlling the vacuum cleaner from the mobile or the refrigerator detecting a shortage of the apples we like and making the purchase autonomously, etc… these things have become normal in thousands of homes throughout the planet. The education sector, which is not immune to the possibilities provided by technology, has also included the Internet of Things (IoT) in its activities.

Beyond email, tablets, or the intranet, Internet of Things makes it possible for schools to implement an unprecedented number of systems and methods. The benefits...Read more

Road safety and IoT

05 Dec 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Mobility is one of the key factors to consider in order to make cities more efficient, a necessity taking into account the millions of citizens travel to work or study centers in their vehicles. Taking into account that in our country there are about 492 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants, an effective management becomes essential to guarantee security. That improvement in management has arrived with the Internet of Things, it will make daily transportation more efficient and secure.

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Smart Retail

04 Dec 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT