January 2019

Bed time will never be the same

31 Jan 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Internet of Things has proven to be very useful in improving people's lives in areas such as health and personal rest. This technology has also been proven to help your baby fall asleep. This very delicate and crucial task for the well-being of both parents and children can be much easier thanks to smart cribs, because they monitor babies' sleep and improve the child´s quality of rest.

An example of IoT cradle is SNOO. It is designed by engineers from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and it is equipped...Read more

"The client seeks to live a different experience with each purchase"

30 Jan 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

"The music of nougat "El Almendro" is recognized by one hundred percent of the respondents"

We all take it for granted when entering a hotel, a cafeteria or a supermarket that, in addition to the usual sound generated by the activity of other customers, we will enjoy music in the background, which makes the stay more pleasant and friendly. 

When we talk about environmental music in the establishments we talk about enjoying music in a natural way, it is a great ally of marketing not only in advertising or advertising campaigns, but also in...Read more

It´s one thing to be told you´re safe and it´s another thing to feel safe

24 Jan 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

We can confirm that Smart Cities nowadays are already a reality and not a futuristic promise that is yet to come. Although there is still a long way to go in this area, there are already many municipalities that are carrying out their digital transformation process based on Smart Cities initiatives.

The fundamental objective of these initiatives is to connect urban elements to obtain information about them and their environment; and thus allow the municipal teams to make better decisions.

For some years now we have been observing how the municipalities implement technological...Read more

Movistar Car: transform your vehicle into a connected car

22 Jan 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

The application of the Internet of Things in the devices of our environment has brought about an authentic revolution in our lives. Connectivity gives us an efficient digital life, both at work and in our private lives, including leisure time.

The trend of connected cars begins to become a reality and is one of the areas with the greatest potential for growth. In fact, Gartner estimates that in 2020 there will be ...Read more

The connected football stadiums

18 Jan 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

The Wanda Metropolitan Stadium of Club Atlético de Madrid is the most intelligent stadium in Europe today. After the emergence of Telefónica as an official technology provider, the possibilities at the digital level multiplied placing it in the Champions League of stadiums. In fact, it has been awarded as the best stadium in the 2018 Industry Awards of the World Football Summit. In the words of Jose María Álvarez Pallete, CEO of Telefónica: "It is the first 100% digital IP stadium in Europe".

The project needed the installation of 6,000 network outlets, 1,500 WiFi access points, 1,...Read more

The importance of labeling: Label Engage

15 Jan 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

In an increasingly digitized world, technological innovation is a fundamental value. The adoption of new technologies and the possibilities of connectivity offered by Internet of Things can give a great competitive advantage for companies. A good example of this is Label Engage, a solution designed to revolutionize fashion, retail or distribution companies by converting them into smart stores.

Label Engage is a digital labeling system that is easy to install and self-managed,...Read more

Sweet dreams with IoT

03 Jan 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

The development of the Internet of Things has changed our society and multiple sectors like Industry, Retail, construction or mobility in cities among others.

This technology makes life easier for people in many areas; one of them is comfort and rest. IoT helps us sleep better and, consequently, lead a fuller and more balanced life.

For example, Including IoT in the furniture and clothes we use at bedtime: from pillows to...Read more