March 2019

IoT is increasingly getting safer

07 Mar 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Technology is constantly evolving and offering new applications to users. There are always risks when innovating and putting these inventions into practice is more likely when the risks are unknown or have not been taken into account. In this sense, the norms, standards and regulations are intended to make those risks public, inform how they can be treated and encourage and / or force designers, producers or engineers to put in practice the means that can mitigate such risks to take the appropriate actions. For these standards to be effective it is vital that they adapt to the new times,...Read more

Park your car with IoT

04 Mar 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Parking your car has turned into a difficult task in many cities. Looking for a space is a constant source of stress for citizens. Luckily, Internet of Things was born to make life easier for people. Their solutions have already been applied every day in cities to help people park more efficiently.

On the one hand, IoT parking solutions work thanks to sensor frameworks that collect information about the environment related to mobility, such as free parking spaces, the state of traffic or roads.

On the other hand, intelligent parking uses Big Data...Read more