Business Transformation with the IoT

14 Nov 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

5 ways businesses and their products/services are being reshaped thanks to the IoT.Read more

The Internet of Clean Air

10 Nov 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The problem of polluted air is becoming a key concern as big cities have serious problems controlling their emissions and thus jeopardize the health of millions of citizens at a time. As usual, the IoT is recruited as a means to solve – or at least improve – the problem. Read more

The IoT is a holistic and data centric improvement over M2M

08 Nov 2016 Published by Jan Höller

We asked IoT expert, Jan Höller, Researcher at Ericsson and co-author of the book “From Machine-to-Machine to the Internet of Things: Introduction to a New Age of Intelligence”, to give us a comprehensive review on how M2M solutions are being adapted to an IoT world. His views of how M2M and IoT solutions combine sustainably and profitably provide insight based on his vast research on the topic.Read more

Dean Anthony Gratton: “The two differences between internet connected devices and IoT things are purpose and scalability”

03 Nov 2016 Published by Dean Anthony Gratton

Interview with technology author and columnist Dean Anthony Gratton about the present and future of the Internet of Things. Read more

Smart City Services: Smart Waste Management

25 Oct 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Smart Waste Management applies IoT improvements to both ends of Wast Management: Containers become connected and inform efficiently on fill level; they are only collected when necessary.Read more

Sigfox, digitisation technology for the physical world

18 Oct 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

After the initial disruptive burst, the IoT industry is looking for the best way to land the promise of technological revolution. The best ideas will help the IoT churn forward towards its full potential over the course of the next two or three decades.

Mobile networks have a design limitation which is difficult to overcome: they are designed for human use and their evolution is based on communication streams that grow in volume over time. Initial protocols were designed for voice communications. Further improvements of communication protocols focused on messaging first and...Read more

IoT for Beginners (The Internet of latecomers)

11 Oct 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Adopting IoT solutions is no exception to the cautious approach that many corporations follow when planning to go digital. There are still many companies that are opening up to the Internet of Things for the first time. This post goes over some issues that cannot be overseen in this transformational leap. Read more

Augmented reality, the perfect sidekick for the IoT

22 Sep 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Augmented Reality has captured the attention of everyone thanks to the planetary phenomenon called Pokemon GO. We will consider heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar as a solid use case and take their bulldozers as an example of a successful AR deploymentRead more

Top Connectivity articles to stay up-to-date

31 Aug 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The IoT allows offering new and improved services based on automation and process improvement through technology. One of the core building blocks of the Internet of Things is connectivity, whether it is m2m connections or other technology. This post highlights some of the most recent pieces we have published on the matter.Read more

Globalrider 80 completes the journey around the World on a connected motorcycle

24 Aug 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Three months ago we told you about Hugo Scagnetti’s charity-driven challenge: to travel around the world on a connected motorcycle. Last week, as scheduled, he successfully concluded the feat after traveling through 13 countries while crossing Europe, Asia, and America reaching Spain again – the starting point for his adventure.Read more