Managed Connectivity


14 Aug 2018 Published by TelefonicaIoT

From the showers that clean our feet to sensors that measure the quality of the sand or sea water. The smart beaches are the next horizon, but they’re already a reality in the Valencian Community. A pioneering project between the Turism Agency from Valencia and the Polytechnic University has made this possible in the sandy areas of Gandía, Benidorm and Benicassim.

The project consists in obtaining and analyzing data that allows us to improve our experience as bathers and achieve a competitive advantage in the tourism sector, a key industry in the...Read more

Star Wars predicted m2m

26 Nov 2015 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The universe of Star Wars was ahead of its time not only as feature films, but also depicting a number of new technologies that sounded like science fiction but which have come true in the world of m2m and the IoT.Read more

Top-down m2m management with Smart m2m solution

09 Apr 2015 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Smart m2m is a managed connectivity platform with a single point of administration for all m2m devices.Read more

From managing the connectivity to controlling the machines

11 Feb 2013

Everyday more and more stuff around us is connected: tablets, computers and telephones, of course, but also homes, cars, appliances… one of the challenges is to grant control in our universe of millions of connected machines, our M2M universe.Read more

Efficiently managed communications between things

02 Oct 2012 Published by Javier Montero de Blas

Why would we make two machines communicate with each other if we can just put some buttons on them and go from one place to another pushing them and asking the machines to do what they have to do every moment and in correct order?

Because doing it so would be slow and expensive.Read more

m2m Managed Connectivity, a complete vision for M2M communications

14 Jun 2012 Published by Irene Alvarez

M2M connectivity is always behind every M2M successful solution, from Fleet Management to Smart Cities. No matter the field we have to consider.

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