Smart Cities

The Smart City Expo puts a spotlight on citizens

18 Nov 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The sixth edition of the Smart City Expo has turned Barcelona into the world reference for smart cities one more year. With experts attending from all over the world, the 2016 edition has been the biggest ever with more than 600 cities in attendance, more than 590 exhibitors showcasing their solutions and more than 400 speakers. Telefónica has been one of the event’s global partners again.Read more

The Internet of Clean Air

10 Nov 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The problem of polluted air is becoming a key concern as big cities have serious problems controlling their emissions and thus jeopardize the health of millions of citizens at a time. As usual, the IoT is recruited as a means to solve – or at least improve – the problem. Read more

Smart City Services: Smart Waste Management

25 Oct 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Smart Waste Management applies IoT improvements to both ends of Wast Management: Containers become connected and inform efficiently on fill level; they are only collected when necessary.Read more

FIWARE, the standard that the IoT needs

26 Sep 2016 Published by Juanjo Hierro

FIWARE is an open source initiative that works towards building a set of standards to develop Smart applications for different domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Ports, Smart Logistics, Smart Factories and others, by collecting data from different sources about what is going on that is relevant to the application at any moment, what we refer to as “context information”.Read more

The era of a connected society

13 Sep 2016 Published by Francisco José Morcillo

The twenty-first century will come to be known as the age of cities, but it will also become the century of data. Cities are the new engine of urban innovation and an ever increasing amount of projects seek to be positioned as Smart City initiatives. Read more

How to know how smart a Smart City is

07 Sep 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Technology becomes a core component of urban spaces as towns expand to become cities and citizen demands become more sophisticated. Thus, every city has a natural tendency to become a Smart City to efficiently answer these demands. How do we measure the level of evolution of a Smart City?Read more

10 Blog Posts you should read about Smart Cities

09 Aug 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Every year we use this month to look back at some of the most interesting contents we have published about a certain topic and compile an ‘all-you-need-to-know’ post. Undoubtedly Smart Cities is one of the most perceptible IoT category in terms of end user benefits. This piece compiles recent material, to either give you the opportunity to reread interesting contents or discover relevant information regarding this enveloping IoT category that affects most of us in our day to day lives.

In the past few months we have written quite a few relevant posts about Smart Cities. Our...Read more

Smart Fountains. The Internet of Fountains is sprinkled all around Seville

28 Jul 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The Andalusian city of Seville – in the South of Spain – has recently completed the initial stage of a project called Smart Fountains setting up a pioneering water management system for its ornamental fountains that is a clear example to follow for other cities with similar needs to control their water resources efficiently through the use of technology.Read more

The Internet of Water

09 Jun 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

We have already covered in detail three core services that improve the wellbeing of citizens in Smart Cities. After talking about Smart Parking, Smart Lighting and Smart Waste Management, we will cover the last of the four key areas Smart Cities are addressing through the use of IoT solutions: Smart Water.Read more

Challenges and opportunities for the digital transformation of Smart Cities

02 Jun 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The IoT 2016 Madrid Forum seminar, organized by the Executive Forum, took place today in Madrid. Relevant companies and institutions with experience in the Internet of Things (like Intel or IBM for example) showcased their projects and initiatives, focusing on Innovation and emerging Business Opportunities in areas such as Finance, wearables and Smart City.Read more