Five Amazing Things Made Reality by M2M Technology (6)

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Machine-to-machine communications are not just about machines, nor are they only about businesses, productivity and efficiency. Rather, they are about rendering people’s life more convenient and rewarding ¾ machine-to-machine for the people.

For that reason, in the sixth issue of the series “Five Amazing Things Made Reality by m2m Technology”, we wish to highlight how m2m technology is present in everyday objects and how it can improve our day-to-day activities, such as health care or entertainment.

Watch your posture

Backaches and back disorders usually arise from a poor posture. LUMOback is a device fitted with a flexible sensor and a mobile app that enables us to watch our posture while sitting, standing or walking.

The app continuously monitors our movements in real time. In case of a poor posture, it warns the user with a slight vibration and keeps a record of progress made, including some daily tips.

Tedi watches your baby’s development

Tedi is not just any teddy bear. It is an interactive toy designed to watch the development of the baby’s mental and motor functions. Through an audio and video display, intelligent pressure, temperature and humidity sensors, and a mobile app, parents can constantly watch their baby and learn every detail of their development.

Tedi monitors and analyses from sounds or crying -“cryprints”- to hugs, sleeping patterns and pulse. The TediCry function analyses any possible reasons for the crying while TediTalk can teach the baby words.


Ride a bike without sweating

FlyKly Smart Wheel is a wheel capable of transforming a regular bike into a smart bicycle. Fitted with an ultra-light motor, it is designed as a pedal assist that is activated when one starts pedalling and stops when one stops doing so.

Controllable through a Smartphone app, it makes it possible to ride a bike effortlessly, at a speed of up to 20 mph (25 km/h) along 30 miles (50 km). If stolen, it sends a warning that allows GPS tracking. It learns the user’s routines, recommending the fastest, safest or most amusing routes.

To build your own interactive companion

The Internet of things “comes to life” on the desktop through these fun customisable figures that move and react according to what’s happening in the digital life of their owner and creator.

ReaDIYmate is a kit for building interactive companions, made of paper but smart and controllable through the Smartphone. They are assembled in 10 minutes and their basic configuration is done through a Web interface. If one wants to go one step further, new apps and features can be added.

Smart glasses for vascular treatment

Similar to Google Glass, Eyes on Glasses by Evena Medical is wearable point-of-care system for real-time vascular imaging. Through a near-infrared visualisation system, these glasses make it possible to “see-through” the patient’s skin, enabling easy location of the best vein.

In the near future, these glasses might allow a more efficient and less painful application of catheters and injections. Fitted with built-in picture and video storage capabilities and remote connection through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G, Eyes on Glasses enables the specialist to record and transmit anything viewed through this device.

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