Fleet management: take control and do it better

Published by Francisco José Jiménez Bonilla Smart Mobility

Fleet Control Systems have been available in the market for several years. These systems are not other than GPS devices installed in vehicles sending their position alongside with many other useful business data through the cell network. These solutions help companies of any size to manage in an optimized and safe way their transport fleets. However, these systems do not have a strong level of market penetration. The question is why?

And maybe the answer is because many of the systems are not offered as a complete and integral solution. Technical features are important: the information they can collect from the vehicle and its load, the software to manage it centrally, etc. However, there is not a comprehensive integral solution behind these technical features.

This is a serious handicap, as many companies are not likely to invest in such a kind of services because they don’t find a real differentiator and/or advantages, alongside with the barrier to adopt a new system than they have not managed or used it before.

That is why is so important to implement an overall integral and trusted solution to support the company from the very beginning of the implementation and providing it with an excellent service and continuous support.

Just trusted providers, with a strong experience in the telecom sector, can offer reliable solutions with those characteristics.  

To show how these services can improve businesses, we came up with a game that will help you understand how M2M transport solutions work

Fleet management

Francisco José Jiménez Bonilla
Head of Global M2M Automotive - Transport • Telefónica Digital