Globalrider 80 completes the journey around the World on a connected motorcycle

Published by Telefónica IoT Team IoT Connectivity Hub, Connected Car

Three months ago we told you about Hugo Scagnetti’s charity-driven challenge: to travel around the world on a connected motorcycle. Last week, as scheduled, he successfully concluded the feat after travelling through 13 countries while crossing Europe, Asia, and America reaching Spain again – the starting point for his adventure.

His bike – a Yamaha Ténéré XT1200Z – has an IoT connected platform attached to the rear end and connects via a Telefónica Global SIM card relaying updates on his adventure from anywhere on the planet. Thanks to this sustained connectivity and the use of wearables, IoT, Cloud, and m2m technology, parameters – such as outdoor temperature, heartrate or tyre pressure – have provided constant insight on performance of both pilot and motorcycle. On board sensors of the kind we normally see in connected cars have delivered data regarding geolocation, acceleration, gas emissions, engine temperature, tyre pressure, inclination, probable falls, etc. The front part of the motorcycle is equipped with a camera which has recorded the adventure in order to create a fund raising documentary series produced by Movistar+.

Temperature, altitude, pressure, humidity, etc. can be browsed at the project’s website: telefó The Command Panel shows the planned route and the real route that Hugo finally took. The pilot explains in the blog his reasons for changing the course of his route in certain countries after taking into consideration several conditioning factors that arose during the trip. The variations are all recorded thanks to the m2m connections through IoT gateway using the Telefónica Global SIM card.

One of the most interesting technological applications tested was carried out by Sociograph Neuromarketing – a partner that used Big Data of the 80 day, 37,000 km voyage – through the information collected by Hugo’s biking gloves (transformed into wearables) that gauged the pilot’s emotions and mood within a specific context. This has been a groundbreaking experiment in Neuroscience that opens new applications to the IoT. Elena Martin – lead researcher – explained that “it is the first time that a neuroscience company carries out an experiment like this one. This is truly a milestone.”

Hugo – affected by a sever disease called avascular necrosis (AVN) – has completed this trip around the world in order to raise awareness about this unusual ailment and prove that “you can go around the world on a motorcycle even if your health is seriously conditioned.” All funds collected through the Globalrider project will be donated to AVN research efforts using stem cells that are currently being carried out by the Puerta de Hierro Hospital’s Haematology Service and by the Traumatology Department at the La Paz Hospital in Madrid.


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