Globalrider, around the IoT World in 80 Days

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Hugo Scagnetti is about to embark on a motorbike trip around the world that he expects to complete in the same time that Phileas Fogg – Jules Verne’s character – did.  The pilot plans to be the first person to accomplish a solo motorbike trip around the world. Telefónica and Yamaha will gear Hugo with a top notch communications system, a cutting edge vehicle and the necessary logistical assistance to successfully complete the journey.

Why a bike trip around the world?

Scagnetti was affected in both legs by a disease called avascular necrosis (AVN) or osteonecrosis, which made him require crutches for walking. He pledged that if he was ever able to walk normally again, he would travel around the world with the sole purpose of raising funds for research with stem cells and tissue regeneration in children. The ultimate purpose of his voyage would be to create awareness about this ailment that provokes cellular death of bone components, due to the interruption of blood supply. Avascular necrosis is a very painful disease: as the bone tissues die, the surrounding cartilage is also affected, thus causing an increasing amount of pain and other symptoms. The illness normally affects long bones like the femur and impacts adults and children alike.

Fortunately, the European Co-funded REBORNE Project, has brought together researchers from different countries to advance in the production of undifferentiated mesenchymal cells to treat this serious condition.

Globalrider 80, the IoT motorcycle

Yamaha will provide a motorcycle with one of the most modern engines available, the Super Ténéré XT1200Z. This connected motorcycle comes with an IoT gateway equipped with sensors that collect data in real-time (temperature, gases expelled, pressure, inclination, acceleration, etc.), making it possible to follow the progress of the bike on georeferenced map. Besides the on-board data, the pilot’s vitals will be tracked using wearables throughout the 37.000 km journey.

Smart m2m connectivity services provided by the Telefónica Global SIM, guarantees that roaming works seamlessly throughout the trip, regardless of the location, around the globe and secures the data channel allowing for safe encrypted connections. Thanks to Smart m2m services, anyone can track Hugo Scagnetti’s progress on his Yamaha Globalrider 80 in real time.

The Globalrider Project rallies 22 technological partners that makes this adventure around the globe (powered by Big Data, Cloud and global connectivity) possible. The voyage will turn into a documentary series produced by Movistar +. The rights generated by the series will be donated to medical research.

The first trip ever around the World left the Spanish City of Seville in 1519. The expedition commanded by Captain General Ferdinand de Magallanes (and upon his death by Juan Sebastián Elcano), voyaged around the globe arriving on a carrack called Victoria three years after departing. This modern journey will also start in Spain – Madrid in this case – and will circumnavigate the planet crossing the three Northern Hemisphere continents.

Scagnetti will start his almost three month journey on May 27th at Telefónica’s Las Tablas (Madrid) headquarters and will cross France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. From there it will go through Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan before reaching Russia. On the Asian Pacific Coast the rider and his Yamaha motorcycle will catch a flight to the United States. The American part of the trip is set to touch base at San Francisco, Seattle and Miami among many other US cities crossing the country from coast to coast and from North to South. The last transoceanic leap will take the Globalrider to the United Kingdom, the last stop for Hugo, before completing the final miles of the trip, that lead to Madrid, accomplishing his goal.

You can follow the journey around the world in close detail on the Globalrider 80 website, on Twitter or through Facebook.


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