M2M Digital Signage, to always show timely information

Published by Telefónica IoT Team IoT General

Innovative digital signage solutions are increasingly being used around the world, not only in the retail and hospitality sectors, but also for improving corporate communications, including for serving citizens in government and public service offices.

This is because connected screens and bus shelters allow the display of attractive and attention grabbing audio-visual content, which can also be remotely updated in real time thanks to M2M technology.

The success of digital signage messages is due to the fact that content, in addition to being attractive, is relevant to the audience who is at that particular location at that time of day. M2M wireless connectivity allows precise management of this content playlist, without the need for travel or any additional technical support.

Thus, it is ensured that the information is always updated, consistent and adequate, given that it can be adjusted to fit the season, the day, the time, and even the demographic characteristics of the passers-by, with increasingly customised content, promotions and services.

In this way, digital signage solutions provide stand-out information at a glance, as well as useful rich content in order to deliver a better service, improve the brand image and experience, as well as boost sales.

Through bus shelters, window displays, information points and other connected screens, for example, in the retail sector, it is possible to promote products in a fun manner, with video messages, customised information and even interactivity.

Thus, advertisements can be displayed at the point of sale, at the time and place where the consumers are making shopping decisions. Precise messages call to immediate action, facilitating product cross-selling.

Wireless connectivity allows a variety of these types of screens to be installed anywhere. They have a special impact on the transport sector, as a means of informing and drawing the travellers’ attention, in addition to managing self-service.

Passengers and passers-by briefly become an audience, which is why brands also use these screens to transmit brief and impacting content, in order to get closer to their potential consumers.

In health and beauty centres, hotel and airport waiting rooms, as well as in shopping centres, the passers-by have more time and they are more receptive to entertaining content. Therefore, campaigns that take advantage of the interactive and fun component, such as the so-called advergaming –integrate advertising into video games- are successful.

However, it is not all about advertising and entertainment. Companies can also take advantage of these media, placing them in the lobby and hallways of their buildings, in order to communicate safety advice, corporate culture messages and internal news to their employees and candidates.

Even government offices, such as municipalities and citizen services offices, are starting to use digital signage solutions in order to communicate information about the town and interact with the citizens. 

Telefónica IoT Team