Smart Energy & Sustainability: improving lifestyles whilst reducing energy cost


Within the different sectors and industries that can benefit the M2M Technology, one of the most interesting is that associated with energy and sustainability. Research show that over 1.8 million home automation systems were shipped globally during 2011, and this number will increase to 16M by 2016. This clearly shows that more and more consumers are getting interested in remotely monitoring their properties, something that, until recently, was of interest to larger organisations.

We have seen an international shift on this arena. Across Europe, regulation around energy has been driving innovation (Smart Metering roll out by 2020, target rates for energy efficiency for homes/offices, carbon footprint rates, etc.), whereas in other geographies, such as Latin America, these services are driven by commercial opportunities, change in pricing legislation, and utilities’ operational improvements. Brazil, Argentina and Chile are clear examples of this.

One of the largest customer bases around the world (nearly 300 million) is evidence that Telefónica has a renowned pedigree in products and services which customers trust. This means that launching a new line of business poses a two-fold challenge: the first one is to define the best markets where we can use our experience to generate value to our customers; and the second is to decide which specific services we launch that make the best use of our innovation and know-how.

The answer from our M2M team is clear, generate a portfolio that combines 3 elements: 1) a service that delivers visibility of their energy consumption; 2) a solution that help customers save money on their monthly recurring energy bills; and finally, 3) a tool that provides control from anywhere in the world around their premises, whether they are homes, offices or buildings.

Together with these points, we are seeing is that customers, both business and residential, are looking not for complicated technology. In fact, they don’t care about how the solution works technically and what protocols we use, but they clearly rank very highly the performance, quality and experience the solution provides. The portfolio we are building should be innate and, simply, work.

In summary, the ethos for the M2M Smart Energy and Sustainability portfolio is based on improving lifestyles whilst reducing energy cost (this applies to both Utilities and Consumers), delivering compelling sustainability services and providing tools that will build loyal customer relationships.