The Justice League of the IoT

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The Justice League is one of the most anticipated films of the moment, the continuation of Batman vs Superman: dawn of Justice, and will bring together the favourite heroes of DC to fight crime and defend the Earth from any possible threat. And what can these superheroes teach us in their incessant battle against evil? In the era of the Internet of Things, many of the powers and abilities of these metahumans could be achieved or even improved with the right devices. We bring you some examples of this.

A smartwatch for Flash

Flash is the fastest man in the universe. So much so that he is capable, even, of travelling through time. But before fully developing his skills he went through some critical moments in his career as a superhero. The reason for that? The lack of control. Something that could have been solved with a simple (and no less sophisticated) smartwatch. Currently, these devices allow you to obtain all kinds of information. Garmin products, for example, accurately control place, speed, position or even activity data; Apple Watch maintains continuous monitoring of health status, including basic constants, but also has the ability to measure other physiological issues. The last smartwatches could even be able to analyze what we are using, becoming authentic walking antennas so that the chaos is completely over.

Statistics even underwater for Aquaman

Speaking of statistics, despite living underwater, Aquaman would not have to give up enjoying the same benefits as Flash. The new submersible wearables allow us to always be connected until we are fifty meters below the surface of the sea. Thus, the Misfit Shine 2, or the more modest Fitbit Flex 2, will allow this superhero to keep up with his underwater exercise paying almost no attention. There are no longer excuses not to take advantage of the IoT even under the liquid element.

Assistance from the sky for Superman

Imagine that Superman's supersenses miss a minimal but essential detail: it would be a catastrophe. What if it had the assistance of a flying robot prepared so that nothing escapes? Let's face it, Clark Kent's alter ego is not capable of catching up with the incredible processing ability of today's computing. Thanks to Big Data and modern interconnectivity, the army of vigilant drones is getting bigger, as they can be automated and programmed for different types of tasks: from crop control to real-time surveillance, drones are not one escapes. All the more reason for Superman to consider buying an unmanned assistant.

A true Batmobile for Batman

The imposing black Batman vehicle is hard to beat, in every way. But the truth is that we are not that far from it. Currently, we already have the technology to build intelligent cars that drive alone. Thus, Tesla dedicates its efforts to create cars capable of taking us everywhere with the minimum effort, for example. These cars are able to decide the destination, the best way to reach it, control driving perfectly and even prevent accidents thanks to its specialized sensors and the connectivity capacity currently available. That without counting the endless benefits that the IoT offers to today's drivers.

Horses also connected for Wonder Woman

Like any good Amazon, the mastery of horses is a practically innate skill in the warrior princess. But surely, if Wonder Woman had counted on the possibilities offered by the IoT, she would have considered mounting her black horse more often. And is that thanks to the IoT the taming and care of a horse, are infinitely simpler. With wearables such as Nightwatch, we can monitor activity, heart rate, position and countless other characteristics of our animals. If we want to train a winner, Equimetre will give us the information we need to fine-tune the physical performance you can achieve in your careers. Seaver also provides this type of information, so we have a wide range to make sure we have a horse with superpowers.

Prosthesis connected for Cyborg

The history of Cyborg is one of the most dramatic among the members of the Justice League. Luckily, the technology associated with his bionic body was available to save him. In many ways, we currently have a similar technology. The appearance of the IoT has made the world of prosthetics evolve into something else. Now we find projects and products such as LimbU, personalized prostheses and designed to keep track of activities, information, music or even illuminate. And all thanks to the connectivity provided by Bluetooth and Internet access of our mobile. Little by little, the prosthetic members are growing in functionalities and increasing the possibilities they offer to give us the opportunity to enjoy a member that, like those of the Cyborg, is an extension and not a simple replacement.


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