The Mobile World Congress of 5G

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As the 2015 Mobile World Congress comes to an end, we can see that it has been a relevant one for the development of the Internet of Things and m2m.

The fabric of the IoT is the connectivity that helps different devices communicate and connect. In order to scale the underlying connectivity network to absorb the billions of devices expected in the future 4G is simply not enough. Even though 4G networks are still being deployed and 2G and 3G networks will still be used for many years to come, a more efficient network is currently being outlined, specifically tailored for a connected world.

These new networks already referred to as 5G networks, were the buzzword at the MWC and are expected to become the IoT connectivity backbone. Carrier aggregation paves the way for much faster data speeds and increased capacity for every customer; by combining different bands of spectrum, data can travel faster through more channels increasing data rates per user and reducing network latency (response time) compared to conventional LTE networks.

Telefónica unveiled a 5G Demo at their stand using category 9 devices that benefitted from amazing download speeds of 375 Mbps and upload speeds of 50 Mbps. 5G networks are expected to become commercially available by 2020.

Many keynotes revolved around how carriers and technology companies have to work together to find ways of offering universal and sustainable access to the Internet while investing in the required infrastructure in a productive way for the players that build the Internet landscape.

The MWC is always at the heart of innovation so we had the chance to see the latest solutions for connected cars, fleet management, identity management, wearables and others

In connected cars for example, Volvo showed their solution which allows cars to seamlessly share information about road conditions, hazards or the weather. Geotab at the Telefónica stand presented their joint successful m2m Plug-and-Play Aftermarket Fleet Management Solution.

The MWC is always an exciting opportunity to see new products that can change our daily lives. A smartwatch to always keep kids controlled and in touch is a guardian angel for parents. The FiLIP smartwatch promises to do just that. The Bluesmart m2m connected luggage will help you always keep in touch with your smart suitcase thanks to innovative features like location tracking, device charging, Bluetooth locking and app-based remote controlling.

Telefónica’s start-up accelerator Wayra and other start-ups and entrepreneurs had the opportunity of having their own space at the 4YFN (4 Years From Now) section of the MWC where we can see new disruptive products and technologies like the First Vision garment.

The Barcelona event had the difficult task living up to the huge expectations that build up year after year around it. Yet it is only fair to say that the Mobile World Congress once again delivered and managed to remain on ‘The Edge of Innovation’.   

Telefónica IoT Team