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Vicente Muñoz, Chief IoT officer of Telefónica, has presented the first report on the Internet of Things (IoT) which truly gives a voice to users. It is the Things Matter study on the reality of the IoT in Spain. The team on the study, made up of Telefónica and the consultancy companies Accenture and Ipsos, administered 800 surveys and analysed 60 user experiences through direct interviews. From this data, they got specific information on how the IoT is used and identified the main growth opportunities for several sectors: personal devices, the household, the workplace, industry, urban applications and transport applications.

 The study has yielded fascinating conclusions. The first of them is that the Internet of Things is not as well-known as it should be among users, since it is used more than they realise. Only 45% of the respondents were familiar with the term “the Internet of Things”, and yet 84% of them were familiar with specific use cases. In terms of what it means, 23% associate it with connectivity, although they also stress the concepts of ease and comfort (18%) and security (12%). Regarding IoT categories, the best-known one is the Connected Home, while the one that the respondents recognised the least are applications for Connected Shop.

 In terms of its use, the report shows that today neither age nor attitude to technology are the most important variables. Instead, people show more or less interest according to what the IoT brings them or the benefits of the wide range of applicable use cases. Still, the uses of the IoT with which the majority of the respondents are the most familiar are smartwatches, under the category of “Connected Person” (95% of respondents) and mobile apps to look for parking places in the city (66% of drivers interviewed).

 With regard to other categories, some of the most prominent results are that connected transport is primarily known from its use to locate vehicles (79%); in industry, to track stock and merchandise; in connected shops, to look for product information (69%) and in smart households, for remote systems to turn lights on and off (89%).

All of these data point to the fact that users actually prefer to focus on the benefits that they get from IoT solutions instead of being concerned with the technologies that make them possible. For this reason, it is important to focus the solutions of the Internet of Things according to uses cases and lifestyles, instead of traditional categories such as age, gender and attitude towards technology. In short, the goal is to offer Internet of Things services that bring quality experiences, personalisation and client satisfaction with the purpose of connecting things with people, and especially connecting people with the things that matter to them.


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