Fleet Optimise for Sales Force

26 Apr 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Fleet Optimise for Leasing Companies

11 Apr 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Running with IoT

04 Apr 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

IoT is increasingly getting safer

07 Mar 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Technology is constantly evolving and offering new applications to users. There are always risks when innovating and putting these inventions into practice is more likely when the risks are unknown or have not been taken into account. In this sense, the norms, standards and regulations are intended to make those risks public, inform how they can be treated and encourage and / or force designers, producers or engineers to put in practice the means that can mitigate such risks to take the appropriate actions. For these standards to be effective it is vital that they adapt to the new times,...Read more

Park your car with IoT

04 Mar 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Parking your car has turned into a difficult task in many cities. Looking for a space is a constant source of stress for citizens. Luckily, Internet of Things was born to make life easier for people. Their solutions have already been applied every day in cities to help people park more efficiently.

On the one hand, IoT parking solutions work thanks to sensor frameworks that collect information about the environment related to mobility, such as free parking spaces, the state of traffic or roads.

On the other hand, intelligent parking uses Big Data...Read more

Take control of your vehicles with Fleet Optimise

28 Feb 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Mobility has become more intelligent thanks to the presence of IoT. In the same way that users use the connected solutions to make more efficient journeys or to park more easily, companies can also benefit from this technology by optimising the management of their vehicles. Fleet Optimize is one of the best options for this.

How does it work?

Fleet Optimize is a B2B service for fleet management that works from the quick and easy installation of a small IoT device in the OBD port of the vehicles. Once installed, you can obtain real-time...Read more

IoT, the new ally of renewable energies?

21 Feb 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Since its arrival, IoT has been pushing society towards a future in which most devices will be connected. Climate change and pollution levels also lead us to a future of greater care for the planet, and even to reverse, to the extent that we can, the damage caused during so many years of emissions.

Has the time come to unify both impulses to conquer a more technological future, nourished by clean energies?

Although, nowadays, in Spain the photovoltaic or wind installations are more extended in the industrial or agricultural sector, the use of energy self-consumption in...Read more

A much safer world is possible thanks to IoT

15 Feb 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

The police forces usually use reactive methods to stop the damage generated when a crime occurs. However, security measures are being transformed into more preventive actions by allowing them to predict where and how crimes will be committed.

The main novelty provided by these proactive methods, based on IoT software, is objectivity; because these technological solutions determine what events have happened, but not how they should be dealt with. Deciding how to act against crimes corresponds to the police and judicial institutions, which collect all...Read more

The "Cable Girls" of today

11 Feb 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Technological revolutions, such as the growth of Internet of Things, generate disruptive social changes. One of the most important consequences is the great boost they generate for the development of gender equality.

Similarly, to the effect of the invention of the telephone and the creation of large companies such as Telefónica, which meant the active incorporation of women into the labor market in Madrid in the 20s of the last century, the development of IoT also It is a great step for the promotion of equity and women´s rights in the workplace.

The "Cable...Read more

Medical video assistance thanks to IoT

06 Feb 2019 Published by TelefonicaIoT

Much has been said about the arrival of Internet of Things in numerous sectors such as industry, home automation or even leisure, but little, however, of its application to medicine; a sector that concerns us all, because it is directly focused on the health of people and their well-being.

The IoT applied to healthcare has been implanted little by little in clinics and hospitals and is already part of the daily life of thousands of chronic patients.

IoT applied to hospitals

This technology, through sensors and specific devices connected to each other, has...Read more