Connected Occupational Safety and Health for a safer world

28 Apr 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

The International Labour Organization (ILO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, designated April 28th as the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The IoT helps many companies implement automation processes that reduce direct manual intervention through digitization and increases safety conditions, as a consequence.Read more

Benefits of Smart City Platforms

22 Apr 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Smart Cities offer huge economic benefits and leverages technology to improve the performance of public services such as water or waste management, traffic, lighting and those that impact the environment. Smart Cities require collaboration between public and private sectors in order to create new business models. Having a Smart City Platform (SCP) as a control panel for integrating city services creates added value well beyond the sum of its parts.Read more

Machine Learning, top notch disruption for the IoT

21 Apr 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Machine learning is meant to become very relevant for the IoT. By automating patterns that allow technology to learn through continuous use of available data, human interaction will thus be reduced and profitability will improve over time. Machine learning is expected to become crucial over the next years in the automotive industry for instanceRead more

eSIM cards are here to boost the IoT

14 Apr 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

SIM cards are much more than what they appear to be. Within an apparently simple rectangular metal chip encased in a plastic carrier is a miniature computer! The industry has however addressed the shortcomings of traditional SIM cards. The result is the eSIM paradigm, the evolution of SIM cards.Read more

April 9th: Internet of Things Day

08 Apr 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

We have collected some of our recent pieces on the Internet of Things as must-read articles for anyone interested in the matter to celebrate the IoT Day. Read more

Smart Lighting’s time to shine

06 Apr 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Light consumption is one the big chunks in any modern city’s bills. Smart Lighting means taking control of the quality of the lighting devices used and the management of how and when they are being used. All of this has an extremely significant impact on the ongoing consumption and maintenance costs.Read more

Shaping the IoT: 2G refarming. What does it mean?

30 Mar 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Even though it is still of use for many applications and services, some telcos have been considering pulling the plug on 2G networks as soon as 2017. The process is called refarming and it means that mobile network operators would repurpose 2G infrastructure for LTE use.Read more

How to protect Smart City Cultural Heritage

23 Mar 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

What do the Arc de Triomphe, the Coliseum and the Brandenburg Gate have in common? They are all iconic landmarks that have defined the landscapes of their cities for hundreds of years and their artistic and cultural worth is invaluable. How do we combine the protection these city assets need with the features of a Smart City?Read more

The Internet of Learning

16 Mar 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Imagine a future where students have access to the best educational resources in the world from their classrooms or even from their homes, instructed by the best educators no matter where they are. It is not difficult to imagine because that is already happening.Read more

Smart Buildings are top of the IoT rock

10 Mar 2016 Published by Telefónica IoT Team

Smart Buildings solutions are set to overcome the half billion milestone in 2016, according to Gartner’s forecast, and we want to analyze the reasons that is driving this sustained double digit growth year in, year out.Read more