Ayuntamiento de Ávila

Smart CitiesSpain

Customer Profile:

City council of a Spanish City that has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO where some National Heritage Monuments are located.


The customer wants to control of the "health status" of cultural and historical monuments of the city in order to facilitate decisions on maintenance and preservation.

Key elements for the customer:

01. Improve conservation

Preventive maintenance, avoiding irreversible damage situations and maintenance aggressive actions.

02. Increase security

Enhance security, including protection against thefts, fires, floods, etc. specially in remote sites/monuments which are more vulnerable.

Our Solution

01. E2E solution

End-to-end solution that helps with monitoring and maintenance of heritage assets.

02. Monitoring

Different types of sensors installed that will monitor and control relevant environmental aspects such as temperature, humidity, light and xylophages detectors in selected areas of the monument.

Business benefits:

01. Qualitative improvement

Qualitative improvement in the conservation of heritage , analysing real-time information and taking action immediately introducing corrective measures automatically or manually when necessary.

02. Reduce costs

Better investment on restoration and maintenance works and efficient management of resources.