Ayuntamiento de Valencia

Smart CitiesSpain

Customer Profile:

City Council of the third most populated city in Spain with over 800k inhabitants. Service centered economic activity.



The capital of the Valencia region wanted to bring together all of its services, enabling the management of public resources through a single connectivity platform and enhancing areas such as transport, energy, efficiency and environmental services; becoming the first Spanish city to centralizes all of its municipal information through a smart city technological solution.

Key elements for the customer:

01. Analysis

The customer wanted to analyse the situation of the city areas.

02. Indicators

City indicators:

Define global and strategic indicators that allow comparisons with other cities.

Service Indicators:

Operational indicators, specific for each service, that allow the evaluation of municipal services.

Our Solution:

  • bullet City dashboard with relevant city and services indicators
  • bullet A Smart City platform that can be connected to vertical solutions platforms, and calculate services indicators
    • bullet Cloud based, scalable and resilient
    • bullet Interoperable and able to access and integrate heterogeneous data
    • bullet Based on Open source technologies
    • bullet High data processing capabilities and various channels to distribute data
    • bullet FI-WARE compliant: convergence with the Future of Internet

Business benefits:

01. Flexibility

Flexible platform easily adapted to changes, interoperable and FI-WARE compliant.

02. Indicators integration

Integration of both services and city indicators addressing the requirements specified in the City's Strategic plan.

03. Advanced solution

Ability to manage various services while processing and integrating significant volumes of heterogeneous data.