Smart MobilitySpain

Customer Profile:

The customer is one of the most important transports associations in Spain; specialized on frigorific transports on both national and international territories. Their fleets have little obsolescence and are equipped with the best technological tools to guarantee the best service.


Besides cost optimization, the customer’s main requirement was real time vehicle tracking and monitoring assuring both national and international security.

Key elements for the customer:

01. Cost Reduction

Reduce fuel consumption costs and improve the operative maintenance schedules.

02. Vehicle Tracking

Real-time information about vehicle locations and routes in order to reduce time-to-response in case of incidents.

03. Periodical Reporting

Receive periodical reports with historical information about vehicles, routes, times driving and incidents in order to make decisions and improve internal procedures.

Our Solution

01. E2E Telefonica solution

Modular approach; Track & trace, driving behaviour, optimization. Includes device, installation, connectivity, app front end access, technical support. No additional IT infrastructure investments required.

02. Always connected “Black Box” device

Fast and easily installable.

03. Web Portal for users

Total visibility of customer assets and vehicles.

04. Periodical reporting

Automatic powerful definable reports: driving behaviours, historical locations, …

Business benefits:

01. Driving habits improvement

Thanks to driving behaviour monitoring (speed, braking…) and real-time feedbacks, drivers are motivated to improve their habits and are advised to take additional precautions in risky zones.

02. Costs Reduction

Better scheduling and task assignment reduced fuel consumption and optimized vehicle usage.

03. Fleet maintenance operations optimization

Fleet maintenance turned into a dynamic operation based on total driven hours.