Customer Profile:

Biggest south American utility in terms of energy generation (38% of Brazilian energy) and distribution (57% of Brazilian grid).


In 2012 the company, in partnership with The World Bank, launched Projeto Energia + to improve operational and financial performance in six Northern and Northwestern states of Brazil, as well as the management of the six distribution units. These regions, according to the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) register 22% and 10% respectively of non technical losses, the highest rates in the country.

In 2014 they launched the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) bid.

Key elements for the customer:

01. Best quality and price positioning

Provide an e2e Advanced Metering Infrastructure for electricity consuming points to be tele-measured and managed from supervision and control centers. Includes meters, communications technology, operation SW and data centers.

02. At the most competitive price

Prices must remain competitive.

Our Solution

01. The Consortium formed by Siemens,Telemont,Itron chose Telefonica´s solution

To provide Smart meters, communications infrastructure and a centralized management system.

02. Telefonica

As CSP will provide:

  • Communication service (Cellular and Fixed)
    • Cellular communications for isolated points, concentration and gateways.
    • Redundant fixed network to connect 7 Metering Centers, 14 fiber links.
  • Operation & Maintenance Network
    • Smart IoT platform for cellular communications operation.


Business benefits:

01. Energy loss reduction

The project aims to achieve significant energy loss reduction and improve quality of service.

02. Improve quality of service

Through better operational performance in the six distribution units.

03. Institutional strengthening

Contribute to strengthen the company´s image.