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Customer Profile:

GTX Corp is one of the pioneers in wearables, intelligent, portable and wearable devices, with positioning function via GPS. GTX stands for "Global Trek Xploration". Founded in 2002, the company has been publicly listed since 2008.


GTX develops its tracking products and solutions for the international market. Therefore, they must operate irrespective of the country. Especially in the case of the SmartSole, an intelligent location system in the form of a shoe sole, it is important for the technological device to be well protected and sturdily integrated. Therefore GTX has been looking for a mobile solution that works independently of the mains and - once it has been integrated and installed - requires no further access.

Key elements for the customer:

01. A worldwide solution

The SmartSole is able to be used worldwide.

02. Secure installation

Secure installation of the SIM function to provide tracking sole with maximum sturdiness.

03. Increase reliability for their customers

Telefonica solution overview

As a specialist in wearables and smart tracking solutions, GTX has developed a system that enables relatives and caregivers to easily and quickly bring their patients back home: The company integrates a positioning and IoT communication module into shoe soles. This device sends its position data to the GTX server, which caregivers or relatives can then view via a protected website.

Telefonica’s solution


  • Offer a secure data connection to send the GPS information to GTX servers.
  • Worldwide coverage and secure connection via the Global IoT SIM.
  • Flexibility in design and easy installation in the SmartSole.
  • Easy configuration via web portal or app.


Business benefits:

  • A mobile phone company for worldwide use of the SmartSole.
  • A fully enclosed system that is sturdily protected from environmental conditions.
  • Secure integration of Global SIM in the locating unit.
  • Easy management of IoT SIM cards via a web portal.

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