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Customer Profile

ONCE and its Foundation is dedicated to the social and labour-market inclusion of disabled people. Lottery game products are their economic driving force.


The customer has a team of 15.000 sales people spread across the country and wants to improve customer experience and tap new business opportunities.

They expect to do that replacing the current lottery tickets with digital ones as well as including new payment possibilities and fidelity cards to the offer.

Key elements for the customer

01. Durable and light device destined to become the POS of the full range of
lottery games.

  • bullet  Double-width thermal printer.
  • bullet Lottery tickets reader.
  • bullet Touch screens fully accessible to blind people.
  • bullet  Ready to adapt new lottery games and / supervise sales force.

02. High quality

High quality always available IoT communications.

03. Payment platform

Payment platform and PCI DSS certification. Enable all payment methods.

04. End to end

End to end service with installation, management and support included.

Our Solution

01. E2E Telefonica solution

Device, installation, support

02. Smart Lottery Device

Durable, light and easy to use.

  • bullet  Compatible with existing games and ready to incorporate new ones remotely.
  • bullet Thermal printer and tickets reader included. Other peripherals can be connected.
  • bullet Supports NFC, chipset and magnetic strip.

03. Always Connected

High quality IoT communications guaranteed.

Business benefits

01. Allows sales persons mobility

Device can be tracked thanks to the GPS.

02. Improves customer experience

Through fidelity cards and new payment methods availability.
Increases proximity to the customer replacing the traditional POS concept.

03. Ready for future business opportunities

Allows ticket printing and reading and connection of additional peripherals to enable additional functions.
Ready to incorporate new lottery games and bets.