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Customer Profile:

Sixt has led the field of car rental for many years and it is also one of the most successful manufacturer and bank-independent providers of leasing services in Germany.


Nowadays, drivers of company cars pay a given taxation in Germany for the use of the company vehicle, no matter if the vehicle is used for personal or professional purposes. Unless they are able to do a manual paperwork along the year, collecting all trips and making the differentiation between personal and professional they cannot achieve any tax saving.

Key elements for the customer:

01. Driver's log solution

To solve the current regulatory challenge in Germany, Sixt is bringing to the market an innovative solution based on a digital logbook (app), which collects all vehicle trips and allows the drivers to assign them as personal or professional in just a couple of seconds.
To make this happen, reading engine data (odometer, mainly) from every market vehicle is a must.

Telefonica solution overview

01. E2E Telefonica solution.


  • HW, based on an OBD device that connects to vehicle on-board system.
  • Service, which provides real vehicle mileage, from the odometer, and location at the start and end of each trip.
  • Connectivity, to ensure data is retrieved from the vehicle, no matter where the vehicle is.


where drivers can see their routes and easily assign it to personal oro profesional.

03. Web Portal

where drivers can export all the tracked routes as documents consistent with the requirements of tax authorities.

Business benefits:

01. Value added to their customers

Company cars drivers can attain average taxation savings of 150€/month using this driver log´s solution that allows the differentiation between professional and personal routes.