Developing the best
    IoT ecosystem

Developing a complete IoT solution can be a complex and time-consuming process. It’s with the right skills and expertise that we can combine a wide set of diverse technology assets, from IoT device networks to IoT platforms and analytics

We have built an end-to-end complete commercial offer that helps customers during their “journey” of designing and building a tailored IoT solution. This offer is composed of a set of technical capabilities, brought to life by a specialised team in the design and development of IoT solutions, complemented with a curated portfolio of world-class partners.

To make the complexity of IoT simpler, we have designed an IoT framework which tackles the diverse problems found when building a solution with a layered-approach in which each layer or “platform” focuses on resolving a specific subset of issues.


IoT solutions and applications are built on top of IoT Platforms, which can be deployed in the Cloud or in private on premise environments. We have led the evolution from the traditional cellular connectivity to new IoT connectivities ready for the cloud, so that devices integrate perfectly with those platforms in terms of connectivity information, business intelligence and security.

With close collaboration with the main public cloud providers, we offer:

  • Connectors and add-ins within our exclusive Kite Platform to reach maximum security when integrating devices with public cloud platforms.
  • Joint market approaches with the main IoT cloud providers.
  • Fully customised solutions on these cloud platforms that our experts design and deploy.


Data without Analytics is like a powerful car engine with no wheels.

We have developed data analytics modules on top of our product lines that rely on the key knowledge of LUCA, our internal Data Analytics unit:

  • LUCA Fleet: Location and information usage of rental cars provide business insights to optimise operations and predict failures.
  • LUCA Store: In-Store Insight data analytics allows understanding customer´s behaviour and optimising the operation of retail stores.

We enhance all of the above for ad-hoc customised projects thanks to the expert support of Synergic Partners, a consulting company specialised in Big Data and Digital Transformation fully owned by Telefónica.


Millions of hyperconnected, heterogeneous and multi-scaled devices mean a clear security challenge which Telefónica - along with its Cyber Security unit ElevenPaths- has faced with a complete security proposal designed to cover every stage (prevention, detection and response) through three levels:

  • Core Security: The core of our Security proposal stands on the IoT Products and Services, including Kite Platform, network segmentation capabilities and relying on our experts for consultancy and audit services.
  • IoT Specific Security Services: Secure Credentials, IoT Threat Detection and Secured by DNS. All of them can be operated through our 12 SOCs distributed all around the world.
  • Generic Security Services: It includes the extension of security services to cover the IoT ecosystem with products such as Sandas GRC, Web Application Firewall, Vamps, CyberThreats and so on.


Our team is specialised in best-in-class IoT solutions. Besides, the reliable support of our partners in Global System Integration exhibits a solid set of capabilities at consulting, designing, delivering and operating end-to-end complex IoT solutions throughout the world:

  • Solution Design (including software & hardware)
  • Solution Development (including 3rd party Systems Integration)
  • Solution Testing (including User Acceptance Tests-UAT and certification)
  • Solution Operation & Support

For our customers: they receive specialised advice to solve any IoT need at a one-stop-shop, including full stack technology solutions from hardware selection to middleware, application development and SaaS operations.