IoT Partners


Telefónica has built an end-to-end complete commercial offer that helps customers during their “journey” of designing and building a tailored IoT solution. This offer is composed of a set of technical capabilities, brought to life by a specialised team in the design and development of IoT solutions, complemented with a curated portfolio of world-class partners.

IoT solution providers, connectivity distributors, modules and device manufacturers can enrol in the Telefónica IoT Partners for a best market approach together with Telefónica. Our unparalleled Global reach fits perfectly the innovative IoT Partners to accelerate our partners’ growth.

Up to this day the Programme gathers more than 1,300 partners in Europe and the Americas each one allocated depending on their position in the IoT value chain to one of the following groups:

  • Authorised Distributor provides a dedicated sim card management platform to supply both Telefónica’s connectivity and connectivity management services to their channel customers, for them to manage all aspects of their sim cards.
  • Advance Certified, including device manufacturers, embed the Telefónica sim card into the dedicated vertical solution that they deliver directly to their end customers.
  • Master Solution Providers deliver solutions to customers via an established sales channel infrastructure.

Programme Description

Registered partners in the IoT Partners  include Telefónica´s connectivity and/or devices in their commercial offering. The Programme standardises and automates the IoT sale and post-sale process to bring maximum efficiency to our partners. The IoT Partners is based on a specific model around which rules, processes and self-service tools have been developed.

We have based the collaboration with our partners on the use of customised tools (such as Pricing Simulator, Coverage Maps, Deal Manager, Ordering tools and Support Centre) and a dedicated legal framework support. On their side, transaction tools execute all the processes oriented to the purchase, configuration and management of tariffs for connectivity devices and applications. Since partners can manage the whole process online, from the quote to the order, they improve both scalability and global reach.

Partner Account Managers (PAMs) act as the single point of contact for partners and support them during their daily activity, making the most of their journey with Telefónica. Finally, the central IoT Partners Team provides ongoing support to the Programme´s operation which guarantees maximum efficiency in all country channel teams.