Things Ready

More than a solution, Things Ready Link is part of the digital evolution of our clients. It enables to connect any kind of assets to the corporate network and access them in real time for an easy end-to-end digitalisation of the business processes

Explore Main functionalities

  • Connection of the assets to the client's corporate network.
  • Selection of the mobile communications network that best suits the type of information.
  • Integration with the device (router, modem, gateway) that best suits the assets.
  • Comprehensive management of connectivity and the device with Kite Platform.

Discover the benefits

Collection of real time data enables:

  • Avoiding the redesign or replacement of assets thanks to remote monitoring and control.
  • Locating distributed assets.
  • Reducing operational and maintenance costs thanks to process automation.
  • Creating new business models and optimising customer service.

Why Telefónica

  • Reliable single point of contact for the purchase and support of both connectivity and devices.
  • Simplified operations and logistics: the SIM card is already installed on delivery.
  • Global connectivity and best local coverage in every country.

How it works