We help drive the digitalisation of the industry through specific industry solutions based on asset connectivity and data analytics.


Sector transforming actions

  • Planning and production: Digitalise your production environment to improve the efficiency of your planning and production processes.
  • Logistics and distribution: Implementation of digital solutions to secure supply, improve service levels and the flexibility and traceability of your supply chain.
  • Marketing: Increase customer insight to be able to better respond to their needs.
  • Operational transformation: Evolve towards Industry 4.0 in a comprehensive and transversal way to simplify management.

Learn about the use cases

To activate the transformation of the areas of planning and production:

  • Wireless Factory.
  • In-plant process visibility.
  • Production efficiency with advanced analytical models.

In the digitalisation of logistics:

  • Automation and smart warehouses.
  • Planning to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • Transport: fleet digitalisation.
  • Delivery: workforce digitalisation.
  • Cargo integrity and security.

For more effective marketing and sales efforts:

  • Distribution channel management.
  • Customer intelligence.

In the transversal operational transformation:

  • Equipment mobility for planning activities.
  • Energy consumption optimisation.
  • Employee safety in risk environments.
  • Cultural transformation for the acquisition of new digital capabilities and skills.

Discover the benefits

Planning and production:

  • Capacity and assets availability increase.
  • Monitoring, management and production processes planning improve.​
  • Operational efficiency increases and cost decrease.

Logistics and distribution:

  • More efficient transport and delivery processes.
  • Improved customer service and environmental impact of the fleet.
  • Operational cost reductions.


  • Customer knowledge to optimise activation and retention actions.
  • Distribution channel management optimisation.

Operational transformation:

  • Empoyees safety increase. 
  • Profitability improvement of non-core operations.
  • Equipment time and activity optimisation.​