Energy Insight

Our first level of energy management for companies aims to yield a deep understanding of energy usage in any building or location and to give advice of the actions to be taken. The service provides every required tool for building managers to lower energy consumption and achieve savings

Explore Main Functionalities

  • Monitoring and detailed knowledge of the energy consumption and cost.
  • Prediction (Big Data) and detection of deviations.
  • Alerts system and bill simulation.
  • Energy performance analysis and custom reports.
  • Detection of improvement opportunities.
  • Task orders follow-up and centralised management.

Discover the Benefits

  • Lower the energy consumption and bill.
  • Improve efficiency and operation by managing the energy infrastructure.
  • Better investment decisions based on data (return on investment).
  • Centralised access to energy consumption information from every facility.

Why Telefónica

  • End-to-end service from the proposal definition up to the operation service.
  • Over seven years of experience in several sectors.
  • Solution compatible with most hardware providers.
  • Pay-per-use.
  • Secure info transmission to our high availability cloud platform through Telefónica’s Network.

How it works

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