My Tracker

My Tracker is a localisation experience that allows the user to locate objects, pets and people that he or she matters most in real time at all times. All data collected by the device equipped with the SIM card is sent to a mobile application where the information of the desired location is displayed.

Explore Main Functionalities

  • Real-time localisation

  • Smart alerts and geo-zones

  • Panic button

  • Trips history

  • Emergency call

Discover the Benefits

  • Location of item and tracking in real time.
  • Information and monitoring
  • Informed of possible incidents through smart alerts and notifications
  • Monetise your data

Why Telefónica

  • Reliable single point of contact for the purchase and support of both connectivity and devices.
  • Simplified operations and logistics: the SIM card is already installed on delivery.
  • Global connectivity and best local coverage in every country.
  • Centralised capabilities management on a single platform supports client’s IoT projects growth.

How it works

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