Things Ready Track

All the necessary IoT equipment and connectivity for vehicle location, cargo and driver security, fleet optimisation and recovery of stolen vehicles applications, insurance telematics, etc. With its set of pre-configured equipment and IoT network options it enables business growth by reducing the initial investment

Explore Main Functionalities

  • Connection to existing vehicle platforms.
  • Collection of vehicle data for real-time monitoring, location and information about status, use, and mobility.
  • Communications management and gathering of real time information with Kite.

Discover the Benefits

Collection of real-time data enables:

  • Raising security for vehicles, occupants and cargo using geopositioning and alert reception on unauthorised movements.
  • Optimising fuel consumption and route management by tracing the distance travelled.
  • Predictive maintenance, regular checkups planning, etc. by checking the status of the vehicle.

Why Telefónica

  • Reliable single point of contact for the purchase and support of both connectivity and devices.
  • Simplified operations and logistics: the SIM card is already installed on delivery.
  • Global connectivity and best local coverage in every country.
  • Centralised capabilities management on a single platform supports client’s IoT projects growth.

How it works

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