It allows the remote and centralised measurement, control and management of high energy consumption equipment in any installation. The service especially focuses on high consumption points such as air conditioning, heating and lighting, providing control of a whole building or set of buildings…

Explore Main Functionalities

  • Rules for automating the equipment behaviour at the facilities.
  • Alerts of unexpected changes on any equipment.
  • Real-time monitoring of functions status and operation parameters.
  • All kinds of reports, consumption predictions, branches comparison, alerts, etc.

Discover the Benefits

  • Decreases energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Energy and operational improvements.
  • Adapt the use of energy facilities to business needs through remote management and control of the equipment.
  • Optimising Facility Performance.

Why Telefónica

  • End-to-end service from the proposal definition up to the operation service.
  • Over seven years of experience with several sectors.
  • Solution compatible with most hardware providers.
  • Secure info transmission to our high availability cloud platform through Telefónica’s Network.

How it works