Fleet Optimise

An end-to-end service that provides fleet managers a deep understanding of the state and use of their fleet in real time and further helps to prevent vehicle failures and repairs. The solution includes a small IoT device that is easily installed into any vehicle, and a cloud based platform that enables remote monitoring and analytics

Explore Main Functionalities

  • Fleet location, status and utilisation.
  • Driving behaviour based on real-time data.
  • Vehicle information: Battery status, mileage, fuel consumption and engine data.
  • Control panels to support decision-making, create alerts and prevent breakdowns.
  • Easy to install accessories such as panic button or driver ID.

Discover the Benefits

  • Reduce gas consumption, achieve savings and operative efficiencies by optimising the fleet usage.
  • Protect vehicles, cargo and personnel through driving behaviour monitoring.
  • Foresight breakdowns: control problematic engine symptoms and vehicle downtime.
  • Simplify operations: the device is self-installing and connects to the vehicle’s diagnostic port (OBD).

Why Telefónica

  • End-to-end solution fully operated by Telefónica throughout the entire value chain: device, communications, platform, maintenance, customer service, billing and value added services.
  • Proven experience in project management, implementation and customer satisfaction ensures the continuity of the solution.
  • Globally homogeneous service without limitations of geographical borders.

How it works