Workforce Optimise

This real time location service of field personnel provides them also with a productivity and efficiency management solution, and with a useful tool to improve the planning of their activity

Explore Main Functionalities

  • For managers: personnel location and route tracking; tickets allocation, visits and customer portfolio design; geo-fencing and alerts setting; request for automatic and on-demand reports; business chat; dispatch of internal news and communications.
  • For employees: registration of working hours, panic button, forms, client portfolio and task or visit planning; business chat; reception of internal news and communications.

Discover the Benefits

  • Understanding the activity of employees and streamlining their working day.
  • Increasing security by immediate location of employees in risk situations.
  • Improving communication between company and employees.
  • Enhancing employee satisfaction by better balancing their work and personal lives.

Why Telefónica

  • Proven track record in helping remote team management with more than 90.000 field workers.
  • Globally homogeneous connectivity service.
  • Easy installation of the service by the customer in the cloud and in the mobile application. Compatible with IOS and Android.

How it works