Reconnect - Post Covid


Solution that helps to design new work models by optimizing the definition of strategies regarding the use of physical spaces (face-to-face work) and the use of digital tools (remote work).

Discover the use cases

Adapting to New Ways of Working allows:

  • Enhanced employee well-being in the workplace thanks to the monitoring of key metrics and KPIs.
  • Insight identification throughout the employee journey.
  • Obtaining insights for the agile management of the security and disinfection protocols of buildings or spaces.
  • Optimise the identification of themost optimal suitable work model.
  • Track work management remotely to facilitate work reconciliation and digital disconnection.

Discover the Benefits

  • Make decisions in an agile way, based on updated data.
  • Define access, mobility and cleaning protocols that guarantee safety when returning to the office.
  • Learn about metrics that help to define a work model (remote/face-to-face) that guarantees to maintain productivity under a controlled level of risk.
  • Get insights about the dimension of remote work or work with digital tools and guarantee demanded employee flexibility.

Applicable sectors ​

Adapting to New Ways of Working is a multisectoral de-escalation monitoring solution adaptable to the context and peculiarities of each organization.

This analysis tool is differential thanks to:

  • The combination of the various data sources of high added value.
  • Our infrastructure capabilities dedicated to the deployment of the solution.
  • Our specialised professional services.

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