Reconnect - Post Covid


This Social Listening solution allows real-time access to consumers' opinions and perceptions in social media, while characterizing and segmenting users, for evidence-based business decision making.

Discover the use cases 

  • Design and calculation of quantitative and qualitative indicators on the impact and scope of a current or past topics online and in the social networks.
  • Reputational and positioning analysis. Benchmarking.
  • Community analysis: characterization, detection of new niches, identification of micro influencers and KOLs.
  • Identification of touchpoints to better understand motivations and feelings that condition the purchase process.

Discover the Benefits

  • Rapid response to market changes and competitor actions
  • Identification of new players in the sector.
  • Anticipation of possible reputation crises.
  • Improving the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Optimisation of communication with the audience and customer service, improving the customer experience.
  • Reduced risk in the launch of new products/services or updates to existing ones.

Applicable sectors

Through Social Listening, companies from sectors such as Retail, FMCG, Public Administration, Transport, Banking and Insurance and Utilities, among others, will be able to answer many of their current questions by incorporating, in real time, the voice of the consumer. Will customers continue to buy the same products? In the same way? Have new needs, interests or behaviour patterns emerged during lockdown? Has the role of my brand changed? What are my main competitors doing? All this with the aim of adapting your current value proposal to what your customer really wants, in an increasingly changing environment.