Reconnect - Post Covid


An end-to-end solution that allows brands and advertisers to identify their target segments to impact the desired audience and profiles with targeted advertising, providing aggregated data on campaign conversions.

Discover the use cases

Data Driven Advertising allows:

  • Target segment identification based on the insights provided by our data analytics.
  • Advertising campaigns planning to impact the desired audience.
  • “Drive to store” or “media at location” campaigns execution based on the insights obtained.
  • Campaigns measurement, connecting online impacts with offline behaviour. In addition, thanks to the Customer Discovery module you can evaluate the impact, perception and response of the segments that have most identified with the campaign and the brand.

Discover the Benefits

  • Customise and design the segmentation of your advertising campaigns. 
  • Measure the efficiency of your campaigns by studying changes in the habits and profiles of the impacted audience.
  • Generate revenue in this new post Covid era thanks to new non-physical sales channels.
  • Communicate in a closer way with your related audience and transfer the measures implemented so that they feel safe and go to your venues.

Applicable sectors

Through Data Driven Advertising we offer brands or advertisers from all sectors the optimal way to target their desired audience, impacting a specific segment, previously analysed according to the online and offline behaviour of their customers. This analysis is carried out on real customer data, verified and anonymised.

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