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A transversal solution to effectively and efficiently manage data as a new valuable asset, driving change in culture, processes and people in line with the digital transformation. Accompaniment in global technological solutions and development and deployment of Data Governance, allowing to break information silos and reconcile the technical and business world.

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Data Governance allows:

  • A common language for the whole company.
  • The creation of a data-oriented organisational model.
  • Data quality control.
  • Provided support in the definition of technical solutions.
  • Discovery of new insights thanks to detected synergies.
  • Alignment with national, European and sector policies.
  • A 360º vision of the data (traceability, linkage, transformations, data owners and impact analysis).

Discover the Benefits

  • Decision-making based on quality data.
  • Reduce time and costs thanks to Telefónica's preferred infrastructure and agreements in all government disciplines.
  • Reduce the risk of fines and penalties by having large experience in data security.
  • Grow organically in line with your organisation.
  • 100% adaptable to the needs of your systems.
  • Widely functional from the beginning.

Applicable sectors

This multi-sector solution is unique because it brings together all of Telefónica's capabilities in a modular and scalable way, allowing the product to be adapted to the particular needs of each customer.

Our proven experience, the alliances with world leaders in each speciality and Telefónica's own technical and professional capacities make the Data Governace product the largest ecosystem of capacities, methodologies and techniques on the market.



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