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A solution that allows, through advanced telematics, for  vehicle fleet management  in an operational way, in real time. At the same time it gives you a strategic vision that helps in decision-making.

Discover the use cases

Fleet Optimise allows:

  • GPS vehicles location, thus knowing their location in real time.
  • Preventative maintenance based on the condition of the vehicles.
  • Employees' driving habits improvement.
  • Fuel usage monitoring.
  • Transition of the fleet to electric vehicles.
  • Strategic decision making with an aggregated view of the entire fleet thanks to advanced data analytics.

Discover the Benefits

  • Track the actual activity of the fleet and optimise internal processes by integrating telematic information in real time.
  • Maximize fleet uptime and optimise its market value.
  • Increase the safety of drivers and limits the impact of accidents on the provision of the service and on company costs.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the fleet.
  • Discover new business models based on variables such as the actual mileage made or the most visited points of interest.

Applicable sectors

Fleet Optimise is designed for companies that have a fleet of vehicles regardless of their sector of activity. 

In the current context, this solution acquires special relevance in in field services, transport, logistics and distribution companies and those that want to expand their line of business based on the information provided by the fleet (eg: offering car rental services).

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