Reconnect - Post Covid

Mobility for
   Public Admin

Solution designed to help the different branches of public administration to make better decisions thanks to the analysis and comparison of mobility before, during and after Covid.

Discover the use cases 

This solution provides answers to business questions for the public sector arising from the Covid-19.

Mobility for Public Admin allows to understand: 

  • Trends in citizen mobility.
  • The state of mobility in the province, between provinces and within the municipality.

Discover the Benefits

  • Comparison of scenarios: understand the mobility of citizens over time, distinguishing between Pre Covid, during lockdown and Post Covid or the new normal.
  • Allows for more accurate planning of public services, thanks to information on tourist and travel demands.

Applicable sectors

The solution is aimed at the different branches of Public Administration with the objective to optimize the quality of their operations and services, especially in the design and optimization of transport routes and management of new mobility flows.​

In this way they can effectively respond to the needs of the citizens and tourists in this new social and economic environment.