Reconnect - Post Covid


Solution that helps you understand and compare the behavior and interests of your customers before, during and after Covid (new normality) to make better decisions in the management of your points of sale.

Discover the use cases

Retail Recovery answers the business questions that may arise from Covid 19.

  • Where are my target audience located and what are their characteristics?
  • How is their behaviour changing in the Post Covid environment? 
  • Where do they come from and what interests them?
  • Are you capturing the value of your target audience in this new setting? 

Discover the Benefits

  • Understand the speed of market recovery and the consequent demand, in a segmented way, to be able to design more targeted action strategies. 
  • Gain access to customer behaviour information both online and offline. 
  • Improves the relationship with customers by adapting communication and marketing messages and campaigns to their behaviour and needs.

Applicable sectors

​Retail Recovery offers insights into the evolution of mobility specifically for the retail sector, and for any other sector that needs to analyse the changing opportunities surrounding their points of sale or customer service points, including: banks, petrol stations, supermarkets, distribution chains, department stores, etc.