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Solution that allows real-time control, by means of RFID tags and antennas, the complete traceability of products on their journey from the factory to the store.

Discover the use cases

RFID for Retail allows:

  • A complete product tracebility from the momentit is labelled.
  • Real-time stock levels control.
  • Product inventory check.
  • Selfcheck-out tills implementation (self payment management).
  • Alarm and de-tag products.
  • Fittingrooms management.
  • Product information display on screens.
  • Unknown loss of items prevention.
  • Efficient stock replenishment.

Discover the Benefits

  • Achieve operational savings by reducing inventory time and stock flows.
  • Increase efficiency through better management of your stock and reducedshop staff hours.
  • Improved management of restocking and replenishment thanks to real-time inventory control. 
  • Reduce unknownitem loss thanks to discreet RFID alarming.
  • Improve your consumers' shopping experience.
  • Increase the security of customers and employees thanks to the self-check-out enabled by this solution.

Applicable sectors ​

Through this solution we offer large companies and multinationals in the retail sector, specifically apparel, fashion and home accessories shops, the optimal way to digitally transform, acting from the beginning of the products life cycle, controlling product traceability, offering operational improvements in the shop by having an automated inventory and offering customers a better in-store experience.
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